Jan. 26th, 2010

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"Week 3
Tuesday January 26 Alexander the man (356-323 BC), the myth, the legend, the business man(?) and a decade that shook the world
READING: Austin, 2-4, 7; Plutarch, Alexander"
So I looked at that, and nearly shat myself. I just added it all up. That is three-hundred pages of reading. And then I realized Joseph Manning meant TEXTS not chapters. I practically died of relief. Do you know how I figured this out? Not because he bothers to make a distinction between chapters. No, but because he wants us to read Austin 303-305. And I was like 305 chapters? How prolific was this motherfucker? It turns out pretty prolific, but he wasn't (I praise god) attempting to rewrite everything that the library at Alexandria ever held. 

For a moment there I could hear Jumper playing in the background. BUT it's all good. Turns out I only have a hundred pages. MANAGEABLE.


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