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ac/dc, action movies, album art, american beauty, anglophiles, art, batman, black eyeliner, brian eno, british comedy, britpop, cats, chai lattes, channing tatum, chelsea football club, cherry blossoms, christian bale, chuck, cinema, city lights, classic rock, comic books, cravats, cry-baby, csi:ny, cut copy, dancing, david bowie, depeche mode, detergent, dexter, drawing, drew barrymore, ducatis, earrings, editing, electric light orchestra, equilibrium, etymology, fanfiction, fantastic four, film noir, firefly, foo fighters, foreign films, free time, freedom of information, fromage d'afinois, gaelic, glam rock, glitter children, goldfrapp, green, harry potter, hayden christensen, headbands, history trivia, honest tea, horror movies, house m.d., hugo boss, hybrid cars, iced tea, iggy pop, ima robot, indian food, indie films, j-squared, jasper fforde, jean renoir, joseph fiennes, kate atkinson,, latin, liberalism, listening to music, london, lying in the sun, madeleines, male models, manga, manic street preachers, marvel comics, matt ruff, mott the hoople, music, nada surf, nancy mitford, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, netflix, nip/tuck, novels, orchids, oxfords, painting, period costume, photos, pinstripes and silk, political cartoons, presents, pretty boys, progressivism, pulp, roadtrips, roxy music, san francisco, savage garden, scissor sisters, sequins, shaun of the dead, shoe fetishes, sixteen candles, skyscrapers, slash, soccer, sunshine, supernatural, suspenders, swingsets, takeshi kaneshiro, the beat generation, the black swan, the boondock saints, the celtic tree alphabet, the china garden, the enemy, the haight, the netherlands, the regency period, the rolling stones, the sarah connor chronicles, the who, tim burton, tokion, van she, velvet, wes anderson, white lies, young adult novels

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