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I'm in one of those weird moods I get into where I think it would be a hilarious idea to write a gk au based off of tenchi muyo, where Nate is a poor hapless high school student whose life changes radically when space pirate Brad crashlands his sentient spaceship Ray on earth and is imprisoned in his grandpa's shrine, and Nate accidentally wakes him up. Then all hell breaks loose, because Princess So-and-so and her younger sister unfortunately also called So-and-so (damn it, why are there no women in GK, it would be too much to just make eveybody gay) show up and blow up half of Nate's house. And then it becomes clear that Nate is a long-lost Prince of Jurai through his crazy old grandpa. But that's not enough because then Doc, claiming to be the greatest genius in the world arrives and explains that he created Brad, oh and by the way his former student Encino Man has gone crazy and is headed to earth to steal Brad's powers and destroy the world. Nate doesn't know what the fuck to do, but it turns out being a prince of jurai is pretty nifty because he can create three light-hawk wings, which, not fucking bad. And then galactic peace officer Walt shows up, and he means well, but he's just so accident prone that it winds up being utterly unhelpful. But we haven't gotten to the real pie yet, all of these newcomers, yes ALL OF THEM, claim they're in love with Nate, who is a virgin. He doesn't know what to do, because he thinks he wants Brad, but that can't be the right choice. Except for that it totally is. What? It's genius.

Other than that I'm all moved into my new apartment. The new roommates are awesome. I'm going to trader joe's today to get groceries, and tomorrow is the worldcup final and we're going to kick ass.
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