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Rare moment of internet!

Booking train tickets for multiple countries in Western Europe should not be so difficult. AND YET! That's really all I have to say on the matter. I got back to Amersfoort after two days in Amsterdam. My grandparents surprised me and Meredith with a night in a hotel off of Vondelpark, so that we wouldn't have to just daytrip. It was very unexpected, because my Opa and Oma and I don't really have that kind of relationship. But I guess I am their oldest grandchild by about seven years and as such, the first to graduate college.

Regardless, it was awesome. I think Meredith expected me to know Amsterdam better than I did, because there were some areas I was very conversant with (like where the Indian restaurants were and my favorite bookstores), but mostly I have a horrible sense of direction. So it was a lot of getting lost. But if I had to pick a city to get lost in, I think it would be Amsterdam, where everything is at most a thirty minute walk a part.

Man, I have such a backlog of pictures I have to post. It's getting quite daunting! Hope you're all well.
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