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19 tracks, 92 MB Zip

Excuse my futzing about with photoshop. I'm crap at layer masks. Epically crap.

In the typical fashion of my mixes, this one tells a story. It might even be the same story as the last one. Which is that Iraq sucks, and Nate's kind of falling apart, and Brad's watching it, and so he volunteers to become Nate's dirty little secret, his shoulder to cry on (but a manful shoulder). Eventually they get out, and they both think it's going to be over. The real world's got different rules after all. But Nate comes to his senses, and makes it definitively clear that he wants Brad. In the more than just a weekend, more than just a good times lay, kind of way. And then everybody can be happy. And listen to anthemic pop songs by Ellie Goulding and Sick Puppies.

"Hey, it's gonna be okay
Hey, we're gonna laugh at this one day"
-Sick Puppies, Odd One
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