Apr. 13th, 2010

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Not back from my hiatus, I just decided to screen the motorcycle!AU prompt because I'm expanding it into something for RL, and while I was at it figured I should probably start gathering up the rest of these.

Brad Makes Nate Slow Down After Being Injured )

Brad/Nate, Sixteen Candles AU )

Brad/Nate, skinnydipping, sort of )

Brad/Nate, Moto-GP AU )

Brad/Nate, Outside POV at the beach )

Brad/Nate, Grocery Shopping )

More Winery!AU: Nate back to visit Brad )

Cop/FBI!AU: Horrible First Date )

Gladiator!Brad/Military Tribune!Nate )

Arg, I still have prompts to finish! I feel so remiss.


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