Jan. 11th, 2010

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Just got back from pre-op. I was there for three hours. I had the happy misfortune to have my foot run over by a woman in a wheel chair. My insurance is still harping about the fact that in 2007 I wasn't referred to the plastic surgeon by someone at DUH, because he's a family friend, and they called me up while I was in his office to tell me so. Then I was told I would have to get blood drawn (oh, god I was such a mess.) I thought I was going to be able to wait a few more days. So here I am freaking out about getting blood drawn, she said think of something else, and what pops into my head? ERIC from True Blood. At that moment in time it was not a comforting thought. And then she effing sneezed on me. On my arm, with a huge needle in it. And I mean, spittle flying and everything.

Urg urg urg.


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