Jan. 2nd, 2010

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I'm in this awesome Cafe I just found in Redwood City that has free wifi so that I can work on my thesis. They have this hilarious mural up on the wall of cult movie and tv figures. I'm sitting next to the Godfather, Alex from a Clockwork Orange, and Uhura. Dr. Frankenfurter is looking at my thesis over my shoulder.

ITS freaked me out last night. They keep doing these alert things and I answered the phone without looking at the number and the electronic voice sounded like I would expect a serial killer to sound. They've been really serious about that this year ever since Annie Le was killed. A few weeks ago I was out walking and all of a sudden everybody on crosscampus pulled their phones out at the exact same moment. It reminded me really heavily of Equilibrium when the entire square full of people injected themselves with Prozium. It was just because ITS was sending out more test alerts, but still weird.

And now for something completely different...I thought of trolleys when I saw this )


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